Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Redbull Takes you Backstage NYFW A/W 2010



Day 1

A massive snowstorm has hit the east coast of the USA shutting down almost all of the ajor airports and preventing flights fro landing.

The d and the m button on my laptop are only working intermittently.

I arrived in LAX from New Zealand to discover that y connecting flight to NYC has been cancelled and the next available flight is the next morning at 6.16am. So I call some friends, and have them pick me up. No worries, I’ve allowed a day contingency so it’s a nice surprise and a great opportunity to catch up with them. At their place I realise that I don’t have any luggage and I’ve been wearing the same clothes now for around 40 hours…

My friends loan me a toothbrush but no underwear or socks.

I spend an hour on the phone to the airline after the internet tells that my 6.16am flight to NYC has now also been cancelled.

I can now get to Newark, New Jersey via San Fransisco. It’s not quite Manhattan, but it’s close, and the airport is open.

We go to great little Italian restaurant for dinner. There are a number of paparazzi sitting outside. They ignore us. Expected.

I sleep like a baby in my friend’s office and wake to shower and put the same clothes on again. I am starting to smell bad. Maybe I should have bought that shirt even though I didn’t reall like it…

My laptop freezes and doesn’t want to restart but with some gentle coersion and the threat of a hammer to the usb port it wakes up and the d and m buttons still only work intermittently. I’m going to get a new machine as soon as I get somewhere.

At LAX I discover my flight from San Fran to New Jersey is now delayed 6 hours. I ring my buddy in NYC. It’s a blizzard there. Shops are shut and nobody is out. I beg him to go to shows and take photos and also take photos of the street because I need to do a live cross to TVNZ and there needs to be pictures. Begging him I almost miss my flight to San Fran.

I get on my flight to San Fransisco, we taxi for takeoff, then we stop and the engines are turned off. According to the captain, they have stopped planes landing in San Fran because of the weather. Lucky y New Jersey flight is delayed. So now I am writing this as we sit on the tarmac with the engines off waiting for an hour til we can take off.

The d and m buttons still only work sometimes...

Uh Oh, hungry…

Oh look, a movie.

Thanks DimitySO

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