Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diesel at NYFW AW10



Day 7

One word. Guido for Diesel. I know, I know, technically that’s 3 words but you know, one word give or take…

Today I got to work on Guido Palau’s team backstage at Diesel.

It was the sort of hair that some people may look at and ask how come it took 25 hairdressers 4 and a half hours to do nothing?

But it’s the sort of hair that requires just the right products, just the right technique and just the right touch…

Effortless beauty is far from effortless.

I have to thank my friend Louise Pilkington of Servilles in Ponsonby, a regular on Guido’s team for the hook up. Thanks Loulou.

The models’ hair was first sprayed down with water (although we could have just sent them outside to stand in the snow for a few minutes) and then layered with Redken Fabricate 03 and Redken Woolshake before it was very lightly air dried with a blowdryer (guess what brand I was using? No? OK, it was Richard Kavanagh) while manipulating the hair into a beachy tousled wave. Then it was brushed lightly with a mason pearson and tousled a little more to give it texture and bounce with a little height at the crown…

Same deal with the boys.

The show was run at a cracking pace (which may explain why my photos are a little soft). the models fiercely strode from behind a shiny metallic cubist backdrop and caned it down the catwalk and back. any faster, they would have cracked into a full run...

O for awesome!

Thanks DimitySO

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