Thursday, February 11, 2010

Redbull Takes you Backstage NYFW A/W 2010 day 2



Day 2

So I’m in New York now. I still haven’t showered and my d and m buttons are still only working intermittently…

I had to go to New Jersey via san fransisco. My flight was delayed 8 hours. No surprise. I actually pumped my fist and whooped when they announced that we were actually taking off and we would be landing in Newark, New Jersey!

2 hours sleep, a 4 hour flight, and at 4-30 am local time we touched down on a fluffy white pillow like landscape. It looks pretty, sure, but man its brutal! Cold? Hell yeah it’s cold. So glad I brought my Yohji Yamamoto pants and huffer peacoat.

A half hour cab ride into manhattan and I was at my accomodation, rearing to go. Lucky I have friends here. Lucky they get up at 5-30am to let me in the door. Lucky I’m not the cab driver who got stuck in snow curbside after dropping me off.

First show is at 9am, it’s for a new label called the falls. The inspiration behind the collection is ‘borrowed from the boys’ and it’s a fluid mix of delicate knits, floaty pleats and chunky cardies circa 1992. A little grunge a little bit pretty girl. I can imagine Chloe Sevigny wearing these clothes. A lovely Irish cahp by the name of Leon Gorman is in charge of the hair for the Cutler team and Redken. It’s a really natural hair look inspired by Sienna Miller’s do at the Academy Awards last year. The hair is lightly backcombed and then brushed out to distress it a little before being loosely pulled back into two pony tails at the nape. Each of these is plaited, then wrapped around the head and pinned into place. A light spray with redken Workforce and Robert’s your mother’s brother.

Then we rushed uptown to the Altman Building to see Australian Haute Couture master, Toni Maticievski. Rodney Cutler is in charge of the hair and as always tries to extend Toni’s vision by pushing the boundaries with the hair. Toni would rather no hairdo and Rodney has managed to convince him to do a do. And do a do he does.

The hair is first flat ironed smooth and I’m happy to see a few Kavanagh irons around. Then it’s brushed into a high ponytail, twisted into a knot and folded and sprayed shiny with Redken Forceful 23. Rodney and his team then clip gold leaves into the hair with exposed bobby pins for a truly sparkly and simpy spectacular look that is both simple and striking.

But here’s the kicker… I got a call from TVNZ asking where my pics were. I was still at the second show shooting the pics for the spot. They tell me that my live cross is two hours earlier than I anticipated.

I shoot madly, taking pictures and asking questions. Jump in a cab, fang downtown, plug in the camera and start downloading pictures and emailing frantically at the same time.

I empty my pockets. My wallet is not with me. I search. No, my wallet is not with me…

Panic sets in. I’m trying to work and call the credit card control centre to cancel my credit card and email the taxi company to see if I left my wallet in the cab, but they won’t take calls and it costs 19.95 to place a lost and found on their website. Ok, but I don’t have a credit card coz it’s in my lost wallet…

And I get an email. From a hero. He’s got my wallet and he wants to give it back…

It’s a sign. The world is full of good people. Thank you.

Thanks DimitySO

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