Saturday, February 28, 2009


This clip shows some of the people we met backstage at New York Fashion Week Fall 09.
Kiwi model Georgia at DVF. Steriogram frontman Tyson Kennedy, Kanye West, Miss USA, Tori Spelling, celebrity stylists Teddy Charles, Dai M and Yannick D'is and the face of L'oreal from the eighties and nineties Ms Marjorie Andrade.


Holy smoke bat dudes and dudesses,
New York fashion week was a whirlwind of frocks and frufru from beginning to end...
I arrived in NYC on Friday night, the first day of New York Fashion Week for the Fall collections 09. I got the green light from TVNZ just 24 hours before I was due to leave and had to frantically arrange flights, media passes, accommodation, transport, a camera man, pack my tools, cut my hair, iron my Sunday best, organise the kids and get to the airport in time.
For anyone that watches my TV spot on Monday morning on GoodMorning on TV1, you'll notice that in my haste I forgot to trim my beard and I look like some kind of hairy monster from the deep!
Saturday started with the Tony Coviello show, off site in an amazing three story residence in midtown on the west-side. The hair was very romantic with soft waves created by setting the hair on large curling tongs with Redken's Workforce 09 and brushing it through once it cooled with a Mason-Pearson  type brush. Lead stylist Rodney Cutler, owner of Cutler Salon in New York was on form demonstrating the look to the team with ease. The hair was parted low on one side and secured with exposed bobby pins (or slides).
The show was more like an installation where the girls posed on podiums individually in one room, and then as a group with the designer in another room.

The early starts and the cold crisp clear days of Manhattan meant that I had to rug up warm and it was lucky that the boys from Huffer hooked me up with a few nice warm coats from their new fishing inspired collection. New York's fashionista were intrigued with Huffer and I'd say they'll go pretty good when they hit the US proper.

The week was a blur of running from show to show and trying to cover every detail of backstage as well as the shows themselves. The highlights were too many to mention, one of which was working on the Diane Von Furstenberg show with lead stylist Teddy Charles. The hair was beautiful, a slightly grungy, dishevelled wave which offset and enhanced DVF's beautiful flowing frocks perfectly. Amongst the backstage cacophony of accents and languages from all over the world, I heard the welcome sound of the New Zild lilt when Kiwi up and coming model Georgia from Clyne Models in Auckland popped up with a hearty, hey, I know yew!

I really enjoyed working alongside Yannick D'is on the Brian Reyes show. Yannick created a sleek sophisticated look for this show. A French pleat in the back, pulled tight and clean through the sides with height in the top. This look was built by setting the hair on large curling tongs with Redken Workforce 09 and then brushing the hair smooth before pulling it tight into a French pleat and securing it with U-pins. the top was then back-combed and brushed through while adding more Redken Workforce 09 to smooth the surface before it was gathered at the crown and pinned into place. It was quite a tense energy backstage as the look took a long time to create, and Yannick needed to touch up most of the looks himself.  The final result was a glamorous, sophisticated look that was perfect for a serious night out at a high society event.

I had the opportunity to get my new Generation V flat iron into the hands of some of the world's best hairstylists and the feedback was amazing! Teddy Charles loved the look and feel, and the performance speaks for itself. Being dual-voltage means that it's the perfect tool for these celebrity stylists who travel the globe creating looks for celebrities like Sarah Jessica-Parker, Halle Berry etc.

New York loves our new tools, and I love New York!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


What would it be like to wake up the morning after a 40th birthday party inside a great big shiny ashtray? And then, once you're awake, start partying all over again?
That was what my week in Las Vegas was like.
Redken Symposium, is an amazing event that happens every two years and brings together 10,000 hairdressers from all over the globe to celebrate the hair industry and get juiced up on inspiration from great creative workshops, business workshops, and get the latest news from the world of hair.
The fact that it's set in sin city makes it all the more vibrant and exciting. It was a great opportunity for me to see what some of Redken's best facilitators get up to on the biggest stage and to catch up with some of the cool people I've worked with over the last year.
The weekend started at The Playboy Club where the Aussie crew hosted us at their welcome party. It was really cool to catch up with the Australian Redken Artist team as well The Aussie management team. The Playboy club was the perfect set up for the weekend as it gives a great view over the city and really highlights the party atmosphere of Vegas. As usual, the aussies put on a great party and set an example for the rest of us to follow for the weekend...
Symposium proper started the next day and I was stoked to attend the 6 shows i went to. I managed to party til 5am every night (morning), which was rather a treat as usually when I'm away, I'm working and have the responsibility of keeping myself in good shape for my presentations so i don't usually indulge.
10,000 hairdressers got together for the opening event which had the theme of discovering your professional edge. Some incredible performers demonstrated their professional edge. A couple of magician ballroom dancers demonstrated some mindblowing quickchanges of clothes and one of the most incredible guitar players I have ever witnessed demonstrated his unique style. All this got me totally pumped and realising that finding my own unique talents and honing them is what will help me to grow as a hairdresser and platform artist.
Sam Villa's stand with his new shears, brushes, and combs had queues out the door and they sold out of product (which means I have to wait for my new brushes to be sent out...).
The crew from South Africa, David Bolon (GM), and a group of his clients put in a massive effort in the bars and it was an absolute pleasure (despite the next mornings punishment) to indulge in several tequila's and a few cigars with them.
Tyson Kennedy and his new crew from Cutler in NYC put together a great business show which talked about the strength of brand and had the best collection of clothes. Tammy Reynolds and Tyson shone on stage and it was cool to see my buddys doing their thing.
I managed to sit down with Tyson, Dean Holcombe, Rodney Cutler and Patrick Mcivor for their regular weekly podcast. Check out The podcast on itunes 'what's up new york'.
All in all I came away hungover and inspired. Amped for 2009!