Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scarlett Johanssen's hair from Relator Video Clip

I have been asked how to re-create Scarlett Johanssen's hairstyle from the relator video clip with Pete Yorn.

Now I just have to say, I didn't do Scarlett's hair for this clip, (as much as I would have liked to!) but i can tell you how to re-create it real easy.

First of all, you'll need a few things:
A shampooed and conditioned head of hair past your shoulders
Mousse (Redken Full frame 07)
Wide tooth comb
Large barrel curling iron (1.25" or 1.5")
Brush (either a paddle brush or a large round brush)
Tail comb
Setting Lotion (Redken Hot Sets 22)
Hairspray (Redken Forceful 23)
Some clip in hair wefts (human hair so you can set them)

Time required:
Allow yourself 45 to 60 minutes

Start by applying a generous amount of mousse to your towel dried hair. Depending on your hair's texture and density, you could use up to two grapefruit sized handfuls. Comb it through thoroughly to distribute.
Blowdry your hair section by section with a large brush to smooth it out and control it. Don;t cheat and try using a flat iron, coz you'll have trouble putting a curl back in.
Once your hair is blowdried, create a clean centre part. Taking a section parallel to the centre parting and approximately the same size as the barrel of your curling iron, mist it with redken Hot Sets 22 and set into a barrel curl with the curling iron. Clip the curl in place while it cools.
Continue working down both sides and down the back with horizontal sections until you've set your whole head.
While your hair is cooling, you could set your hair pieces with the same iron.
Take the clips out of the cooling curls and give your hair a brush through with a large paddle brush.
Clip in the hair pieces around the back and sides to create volume and body.
Drag your fingers through while spraying with Redken Forceful 23 to create texture and lock the style into place.

And there you have it.

Add a bit of Botox, Restylane and a boob job and you'll look exactly like her...

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