Saturday, September 12, 2009

Red Bull takes you Backstage at NYFW

After a solid six hours sleep I seem to have shaken off the jetlag that was making all the words on my screen look like swimming ants. And so I'm now able to share with you some of the highlights from backstage at New York Fashion week Spring/Summer 2010 collections.
Yesterday I worked on two shows, The first was Twinkle, where the hair was set into beautiful floaty glamourous waves. The Lead stylist, John Ruidant called it a rock'n'roll look and many of the reporters thought he was saying duck'n'roll. There was the usual chaos and mayhem with girls arriving late, hair wet from the rain, acting like divas, but John was calm and all in all the hair was really beautiful. The makeup was interesting. Orange lips. And when asked by a beauty editor what the colour was called a makeup artist replied simply 'orange'. succinct.

The next show I went to was Cynthia Rowley. The hair look was a 'sci-fi/punk' look according to the lead stylist Bokhee. although, I thought it was pretty much a fifties look. The hairstylists were struggling to share the leads vision as the look seemed to evolve over the prep time. After two hours, only 5 of the 18 girls were finished. And with only half an hour to showtime, we were still waiting for over hale of the models to show up. And it was raining. The sort of heavy New York rain that is the nemesis of everyone on the beauty industry.

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