Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oyster Magazine Shoot

Just before Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, earlier this year, I had the privelege of working on a photoshoot for Australian Publication Oyster. The photographer was a guy I hadn't worked with before by the name of Stephen Chee and as you can see, he's not too shabby.
The idea of the shoot, was to take a handful of hair directors from RAFW and team them up with a designer to showcase both the clothing and the hair directors skills and vision. I got to create a style for Melbourne designer Ben Smith and his label Anon. The frock was really elegant and kinda romantic, and I wanted to compliment that with the hair. Using the hair's natural texture, and some U pins, I pretty much just moulded the hair into a kind of 1920s inspired soft felt hat shape.
I have to confess that it is a style I had created a few years ago for a photographic collection, but I loved it so much I wanted to pair the hairstyle with this beautiful dress and gorgeous girl. How's this? I went to L'oreal show a few weeks ago and saw Brad Ngata, owner of Sydney salon, Brad Ngata Hair Direction, and he showed a really similar look that he had created for RAFW using elastic and moulding the hair into a similar shape. I really liked the way he used the hat elastic, only wish I'd though of that!

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  1. I just wanted to say as the designer of the Anon. Women collection what a joy it was to work with Richard. He really had a great sensitivity to the feeling of my collection and created hair for my show that really complimented and elevated the look of the show