Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Re-Create Arnsdorf hair look called it the standout hair look of Rousemount Australian fashion week. Follow these easy steps and you can recreate the look yourself. Love your hair ;-)

Modern Glamour


This particular look is very strong with the hair covering half the face, however, it’s really easily adapted by adding a pin or slide to keep it out of the eyes. The soft 40’s inspired wave and romantic texture lends this hairstyle to an early evening cocktail event. It has a hint of sophistication with a little bit of the saucy devil.


A washed and blowdried head of hair that falls past your shoulders

A Kavanagh Generation V Styling iron

A light hold heat active texturiser (I like Redken Fabricate 03)

A mirror

A hairtie

A couple of bobby pins


15 mins


  1. Starting at the nape, take a horizontal parting approximately 1” deep and 4” wide, clip the remaining hair up and out of the way so that you are only working on one section at a time.
  2. Lightly spray the section with Redken Fabricate 03, hold the section in its natural falling position and bend the hair sideways at about the midlengths. Heat it with the straightening iron to set. While the hair is still held between the plates, bend it back the other way heating as you go to create a strong, flat S-shaped wave in the hair leaving around four inches at the ends straight. Pulsing the plates along the section will allow you to heat the wave into place without dragging it straight.
  3. Continue up the head section by section in the same manner until you’ve completed your whole head. You will only need to do one side, as the other side will be swept back behind your head and around the opposite shoulder.
  4. Once you have the wave set into the hair, give it a light brush with a Mason Pearson type brush and spray lightly with Redken Workforce 09.
  5. Take the hair from the left side of your head, sweep it around the back from your crown to the nape of your neck behind your right ear and secure with a hairtie.
  6. Finish by adding a couple of bobbypins around your face to keep it out of your eye or to enhance the waves.

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