Thursday, June 18, 2009

RAFW update

Well, a bit late, I know, but I've been busy building a page on facebook. Check out Kavanagh: Love you hair, become a fan, and tell everyone you know online to do the same. RAFW was amazing! did a cool shoot for Oyster Magazine while I was there (wait til you see it, beautiful girl, Beautiful photography by Stephen Chee and cool hair) and I recently found out that on, Arnsdorf (one of the shows I was hair director on) was their pick of hair looks for the week! I also hair directed Melbourne designer Ben Smith's label Anon. A beautiful show with stunning garments in an amazing location. Unfortunatley for Ben, the power blackout in Sydney that morning meant that half his guests didn't make it to see the show. Their loss I say. I covered backstage at Kate Sylvester for Goodmorning and did hair on the show for her as well. A real highlight for me was styling Margherita Missoni (of knitwear giant Missoni fame) at her hotel for her day of media and photoshoots. She likes a really natural slightly dishevelled bohemian look, so i simply sprayed some Redken Fabricate 03 all over her hair and took large handfuls of hair and randomly bent it round my 1.5" curling tong. Just enough bend to give some movement without looking like it had been set. Then, I took a small section of hair from her temples, pulled it back into a small plait below the crown and secured it by bending a bronze U-pin around it. then I rouched the plait to mess it up. Pretty much looked like she just got out of bed and tied her hair out of her face.

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