Thursday, March 19, 2009

219 hairdos, 4 interviews, one tv segment and a parting at the iD

iD Dunedin, New Zealand largest group show and the second largest fashion event on our shaky isle celebrated it's 10th anniversary last weekend. Boasting the worlds longest catwalk, iD has become an iconic fashion event and sells out the 1600 seat venue at Dunedin's historic railway station in hours.
I am privileged to have been the lead hair stylist for the last eight years and it is one of my favourite events on the fashion calendar. 
This year I had a team of 13 Redken stylists from all round the country and they were:
Mana Dave - Blaze, Auckland
Tim Riwhi - Tu Meke, Cromwell
Carly Walker - Do, Dunedin
Natasha Trainor - HairVN, Dunedin
Sarah Scott - The Hair Company, Mosgiel
Emma Rastrick - Dal Vivo, Dunedin
Kylie Peat - Java, Dunedin
Mark Brood - Java, Dunedin
Djuanne Rusden - Redken, Auckland
Lisa McFarlane - Redken, South Island
Kelly Latu - Blaze, Auckland
Courtney Bell - Morph, Hamilton
Amy Dudarko - Morph, Te Awamutu

The team worked tirelessly from 3 in the afternoon til 11 at night curling, and straightening the models hair into four key looks.
The overall feel was very romantic, loose and unstructured with an optimistic sense. The straight hair was floating and flyaway, creating a halo of hair around the models heads and had a slightly androgynous feel with heavy fringes featuring and a centre part. The look was created by spraying Redken Woolshake 8 gel slush onto the hair section by section and ironing straight with my brand new generation V irons (YAY They are finally here and better than I hoped!). 
There was the loose dishevelled curl which was created by spraying the hair with Redken Fabricate 03 heat activated texturiser to give grab and texture to the hair and then set in an S shape by moulding the hair section by section around my 1.25" ceramic and tourmaline curling tong. The tongs heat fast and have an extra long cord and the added protection of tourmaline and ceramic makes them ideal for runway work.
One group of models had their hair set into a classic hot tong set using my 1.25" tongs and spraying each section with Redken Fabricate 03 to give a hold and to control the hair while tonging it. After the hair was set it was lightly brushed and then braided and twisted into a very casual chignon. After the interval, these models let down their hair and had loads of Redken Workforce 09 flexible styling spray sprayed into it and scrunched to encourage the curl.

World were the first collection out with this big curly hair and it went perfectly with their Swarovski Crystal encrusted outfits. One of the models asked how much her outfit was worth and was told casually $30,000!!!

The night was a whirlwind of activity for me, putting the finishing touches on each and every one of the 219 hairdos, doing a couple of interviews backstage, shooting my 6 minute segment for Goodmorning, out on the catwalk after the interval to draw the Redken prize and a quick interview with MCs John Campbell and Carol Hirschfeld, then back to finish the hair. A Tallisker or two was well deserved and thoroughly enjoyed after that!

Next blog I hope to tell you more about the new irons, hopefully a photo of them and some pics of the looks from iD.

Looking forward to Rosemount Australian fashion week which is my next big assignment for fashion...

Talk soon


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